Tour de France is big in Denmark, and you can’t say Tdf without saying TV2. We decided to create a some what unconventional sports campaign. Instead of focussing on the athletes, France or the danish hope, we turned to the danish fans. Every dane knows someone who take Tour de France extremely serious, so we decided to create a fictional family who do exactly that. This take gave us the opportunity to combine a number of different insights while laughing with the hardcore fans.

Aside from the main trailer introducing our bike crazy family, we did the one above. The Tour consists of 21 stages over 3 weeks, however at least twice in that period the riders get a restday. We dramatised the melancholia one feels on these days in order to make the Tdf audience feel seen throughout the tour. 

The 2018 Tour de France campaign was awarded with gold twice at the PromaxBDA Europe 2018. 

For 2019 we brought the family back. This time in their camper waiting for the Tour de France Grand Depart in Denmark, two years early.